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Safavid Treasures Meet Modern Aesthetic

If you appreciate a clean modern aesthetic grounded in the luxury of world-recognized and time-cherished pieces, then Safavid carpets may be just the touch you’ve been looking for:  the crowning jewel to your designed space. Hailing from the Golden Age of Persia and spanning roughly the 16th through the first third of the 18th century, Safavid carpets and textiles are but one expression of this period’s brilliant output in the decorative arts.  

 Under royal patronage the weaving workshops of Persia flourished, incorporating and inspiring at once a variety of other arts, particularly miniature painting and porcelain, as well as interpreting a touch of the European aesthetic.  As a result, these rugs carpets are known for their unparalleled quality and meticulous craftsmanship, with some examples occasionally finding their way to auction via Christie’s or Sotheby’s of London. With more than one motif to choose from, options are plentiful as you daydream your space: figural, pictorial, and medallion comprise the predominant choices, each interpreted with rich but eminently design-friendly tones.  

I love a mix of old and new, classic and streamlined, each one setting the other off perfectly, and hitting all the right notes of luxury in a sophisticated and chic way. Think clean walls, gallery style, accented with touches of art, large windows bringing in plenty of natural light, the outdoor view juxtaposing your interior space, and simple– even low-slung lines– on your furnishings. Warming up the space might be a few well-chosen  antique pieces—perhaps a carved writing desk or secretary of mahogany and satinwood or a simply carved armoire in the French Neoclassical style . Anchoring all of this and playing off the same is a carefully chosen Safavid rug.

Classic, traditional design accented with Persian carpets is a well-known and much beloved design treatment, but thinking of new ways to incorporate antique pieces can be an exercise in inspiration.

Safavid Silk Rug. Image courtesy of Sotheby's


One comment on “Safavid Treasures Meet Modern Aesthetic

  1. interiorapartment
    February 20, 2012

    Hmmmm you can literally smell the money just looking at that picture! Love


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